Golden Pick

by Rich Collins

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released January 15, 2016

All songs written, arranged, performed and recorded by Rich Collins

All tracks except 4, 9 and 10 mixed by Patrick Dillett

Background vocals on "Golden Pick," "Whispering" and "Start a Conversation" by Grace Crescent

Background vocals on "House All Day" and "You're Almost Home" by Amy Trail

Pedal steel on "Start a Conversation" and "You're Almost Home" by Ed Williams

Drums on "Whispering" by Kyle Melancon

Lead guitar on "Golden Pick" by Billy Franklin

Additional mixing and percussion on "Golden Pick" by Eric Heigle at the Parlor Recording Studio

Additional recording and mixing: Jason Rhein at Marigny Recording Studio

Additional mixing: Steve Panacek

Photography: Ryan Martin (

CD artwork: Ricardo de la Puente

Thanks to my family for their love and patience.



all rights reserved


Rich Collins New Orleans, Louisiana

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and music producer. Emmy-winning actor and television producer. Co-creator of the Disney Channel show "Imagination Movers." Performed on "Good Morning America," "The View" and "Live with Regis and Kelly." Married father of five. Born in Washington, D.C. Lived in New Orleans since 1991. ... more

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Track Name: Golden Pick
I've got a ukelele with a golden pick
Gonna write a pretty little song with it
Tell my little baby that I love her so

I've got a guitar with a silver string
Sounds like heaven when you hear it ring
Gonna open up the gates and let em sing for you

Oh na na na ...
Tell my little baby that I love her so

I'm pounding out a rhythm on a beat-up drum
One day I'll get it covered up in platinum
A platinum drum and I'm playing a rhythm for you

Diamonds all over my microphone
When the spotlight hit it gonna see it shine
Say that you love me and I'm gonna give it all to you

Rock the rhythm one time
You are the reason that I've got the rhyme
Bring it back to you ...

Stars come out at night
Your eyes are twice as bright
Bring it back to me ...
Track Name: House All Day
Open up a five dollar bottle of wine
You put down your phone and I'll put down mine
Turn on a Pandora station
Keep it low and we'll have a conversation

We hear the sound of the rain on the window
It's bad out out there but where would we go

Cause outside it's storming
We're nice and warm
Were in a good place
Staying in the house all day

Dancing in the kitchen
We know exactly what we're missing
We're in the good place
Staying in the house all day

We got flowers in the front yard
We got flowers in fingerpaint
Got a fifteen year old car
Gonna leave it in the driveway
Oh you got too much to do
Don't have to do it today

Gonna waste the afternoon
You got something to read and I'll write a song for you
Nothing better to do
Listen to the streetcar on the avenue

Oh the night is long
And the kids are at your mom's
Uh oh, here we go

Open up a five dollar bottle of wine
You put down your phone and I'll put down mine
Turn off the radio
The cat and the couch for the late show
Track Name: Carrying the Weight
Take an X-ray never gonna need it
When a heart breaks everybody sees it
Every mistake lying in pieces
Don't mind me now I was just leaving

Oh no you don't
Oh yes I did
Not this again

You're carrying the Weight
And you can't put it down
Stuck in the middle of it
And you can't get out

Shot the eight ball in the corner pocket
Right now there's nothing that'll stop it
One thing left to do
Sit back and watch it roll into view

Here we go
Gonna sing along
Like a summertime song

Where did you go and what did you give?
Who do you love and who do you miss?
It's in the way you go about it
Track Name: For You
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
I'm just sitting here wasted another day
Climbing out the window
Staring at the moon
I would gladly try to
Bring it close for you

We've been doing everything the wrong way
Let's slow down and we can take the long way
I would tell you a good bedtime story
Hold you all night long even if you're snoring

For you
I'll fight a lost cause
For you
I built these four walls
For you the end it justifies the means
It means everything

All my love
All these songs
All my sense is gone

One, two, three, four ...
Track Name: You Broke It and I Bought It
Hold up
I'm just saying
I don't even understand why you're playing
Outside in the cold and you know it's raining
Last night
I went crazy
Couple dramas and the rest of it is hazy
Like a baby with a bottle

You broke it and I bought it
Threw it up in the air and then I caught it
Oh inevitably
You're leaving and I'm bleeding
Why does it keep on repeating
Oh listen to me

I don't know
What you're thinking
Got a feeling that the boat we're on is sinking
Like a fish out of the water

Look up
The sun is shining
Got my toes in the sand on this island
It's in the way you go about it

You're too far away
I'm already there
Don't know what to say
Don't know why you care

One; here come the two to the three to the four
Everybody asking me to play more
Two, here come the three to the four to the five
And I'm looking at your pretty green eyes
Everybody in the club getting tipsy
Track Name: Start a Conversation
Let's take it back
Back to where we started from
I'll give you that
You got my heart beating like a drum
Up on the roof
Staring at the clouds and we're never coming down
I'm next to you
Watch the stars come out

I wanna stop the world and start a conversation with you
Wanna spend some time
Here's an invitation to you

Hold on tight
Here comes the hurricane
Watching the satellite
Fly in a plane
Somewhere down in Mexico; never coming back again
Sun on the beach
Got my wayfarers on and the shells beneath my feet
Look at the sky
Singing oh my my

We can watch all the cars drive by
Maybe count every star in the sky

We have it good
Pretty little house in a perfect neighborhood
I'm sleeping late
Got the dog at my feet and the kids are all awake
You're in my dream
Walk along the river like Evangeline
Then I wake up
Wanna fill your cup
Track Name: Whispering
Everybody's looking at their phone
All lit up but there's nobody home
I don't really want to be alone

Can you really fake reality
If you're mad at her don't take it out on me
I've been switching off my TV

And I turn my radio on
Cause I'm looking for that song

Wanna hear her whispering to me

On a beach that nobody knows
Feel the sand in between our toes
Your hair is perfect like a video

Cold hands don't make a cold heart
Understand you take it to the start
Do we have to take it all apart

And I hope they play that old song
Yeah I know they'll play that old song

At the disco everybody's dancing
Except for me I'm better at complaining
I'm just saying
Track Name: You're Almost Home
Oh be brave and be strong
Cause the road you're traveling is long
When all your strength is gone
Keep walking

Take my advice
Leave my advice
Just do the first things first and the little things right

Be kind to each other
Write to your mother
Love who you want to
Work like you're meant to
Get up and do it again

I have no doubt
This is just a temporary breakdown
You can expect delays
You're in bad shape
Gonna be better than your birthday
Here come your parade

Leave a candle in the window
When the sun makes a shadow
Track Name: Morning
When I wake up in the morning
And I see the sun shining
Well you make it so easy
When I see you're smiling
Everything is alright
It's OK
Nothing in my way
Cross another river
Climb another mountain
One thing to consider
All your problems
Can't live without them
Track Name: Dream All Night
I don't want you to be cold
I'll give you my sweater
I don't know what you've been told
I'll make you feel better
I want to
Lay my
Head down
You and dream all night

I don't want to take your time
If you don't want to give it
I don't mind standing in line
All will be forgiven
We're walking downtown
Watching the crowd
All I want to do is

Dream all night
Next to you ...
I'm all right
Thanks to you
Get on with your bad self
It's bad for your good health
To put it on a back shelf
I don't really mind at all
Keep rowing toward a waterfall
I guess I missed a couple calls

I don't want to spend my days
Chasing after money
All I need is all it takes to give you everything you wanted
You're like sunlight
Too bright for my eyes
All I wanna do is

Dream all night
Next to you